2950 Walnut Boulevard


Howe Park
Shell Ridge

Is located on the south end of the Lakewood area, just east of the corner of Homestead Avenue and Walnut Boulevard.  It consists of 6.5 acres and is just below Kovar Trail from Shell Ridge.

The park is named after James P. Howe who along with his wife, Mia, lived there from 1910 through 1970.  Jim was a world famous Associated Press World Correspondent.  He traveled the world interviewing well know personalities and reporting on world events during the 1920’s and 30’s


Jim’s home is still here with a lot of his photos and momentos.

He called his home “Gopher Gulch” for obvious reasons.


The Howe Homestead Community garden gives residents an opportunity to participate in an old-time country garden.  There is a waiting list for the  24’ x 24’ plots.


The Annual Howe Homestead Harvest Festival is based on the tradition that James Howe started when he lived there.  It is a fun event for the whole family in October near Halloween with Pumpkin Carving, Scarecrow Making, Games and Crafts.


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